Well Done Dad

Well done Dad!
You finished strong!


Dad was diagnosed with ALS in February,2012. We were stunned by the words of the doctor as he gave his diagnosis. We cried all the way home. Questions about treatments and amount of time left to live clouded our minds. That stormy day will always be remembered not because of the terrible news, but because of the pact that Dad and I made that day.
We were sitting in his garage, no one around but the two of us, when Dad began to share his fears and worries. We talked about death, getting things done and taking care of family. And in those few moments we cried, shared and made a pledged to each other. Realizing we could not change things I said “Dad, I need you to finish the race strong, don’t quit!” “Your grand kids, your family, I need to see your faith and know that you crossed the finish line running strong!” That afternoon he promised to try and I promised to help him.
Over the next couple of months, as his body wore thin, I would encourage him to finish strong and he would reply ” I’m still running!”
Over the last couple of weeks we talked about death and what it would feel like. We talked about heaven and what it would feel like. He was tired and struggling but he assured me that he wasn’t going to quit and he would do his best to finish the race.
On August 1st, I watched as Dad crossed the finish line of life. He was leaning forward! He finished strong! He gave his all!

Dad, I’m proud of You!
You ran a good race!
You didn’t quit!
You finished strong!

Well done Dad!
Well done…

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2 Comments on “Well Done Dad”

  1. Karen Waldrop Says:

    Thank you for writing this. It sounds like your dad. Even though we only knew him for 4 yrs, he immediately made a good impression when we met him and Bernice for the first time at church. Of course Butch didn’t always (or ever) say too much, but anything he did say mattered. Butch is a man to always be admired, and it’s no wonder you and your family are so proud of him. Thank God for people like Butch and Bernice!

  2. When I was in college several hours from home without any friends or family nearby Jerry introduced me to Butch and Bernice. I went to church with them and they brought me home ob a few occassions when they were headed this way as well. They were always so kind to an almost complete stranger. I will never forget how they showed Gods love to me through their actions. My prayers are with your family.

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