There Goes The Camel!


Our annual Living Nativity Drive Thru was set and ready for guest. We worked hard getting everything just right. Lights, sound, and scenes were set with precession and purpose ready to transport guest back in time. Then it happen! The camel got loose!

Running down the road through Bethlehem goes the camel. Wise men dressed in royal attire chasing, robes and head dress flowing against the wind. Camel bellowing, wise men yelling! One angel utter words only God could understand! (Some called it a spiritual language) One lady making bread in the market place, said ” there goes a camel……. and there goes the wise men!.

The Wise men, not thinking about what do you do when you catch a camel, tried to secure the 1400 pound beast. The first Wise men reach to grab the halter, he went air-born! The second Wise men decided to be a rodeo clown and save his falling comrade! The camel step on his toes, crushing his pride. The third Wise men went for help. Under the watchful eye of the skilled animal trainer the camel was returned to her place.

There is a new expression around our church these days. When things don’t go as planned you will hear some one say “Dang, there goes the camel!”

Life is full of surprises! Some times our plans don’t go as planned. About all you can do is smile and go on, knowing that ultimately God is in control.

Thankfully God’s plans never fail! He is faithful to fulfill what He has promised!

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One Comment on “There Goes The Camel!”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Yes this a true story. The local radio station reported the incident and the next night people who came thru were asking about the camel that got away. Camels name is Bonnie.

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