Emoji’s are not enough!

Emoji’s are not enough!

Gone are the days of pigeons and smoke signals, but the need to communicate with others is more important than ever before. It seems that the more ways we have of communicating the less we actually do communicate. We used to be a “front porch” society where neighbors would stop and sit down and have face to face dialogue. Now it’s hard to get our own family together around the supper table and converse without a smart phone or tablet near by.

Recently I was watching T.V. in my living room when I received a text. It was from my wife, who was in the bedroom asking me to turn the volume down on the T.V..

I texted her back, “I can’t find the remote.”

She responded “it’s on the couch.”

I replied, “I don’t see it.”

She responded “Just get up and turn the T.V. down!”

I replied, “That’s a little old fashion don’t you think?”

Her message back “it’ ok, you are an old man.”

Don’t you miss the “good ole days” when you could just yell from the other room!

The means of communication has changed, but the need to communicate has not. A good conversation can be felt and well as heard. We can never replace the power of face to face interactions with people. Nothing will replace the touch, smile and tears people share when they are together sharing words and thoughts from the heart, emoji’s are not enough!

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