Consider The Pismire

Welcome to “Wrinkled Wit.”

Why the name “Wrinkled Wit?”  Wrinkled wit could stand for a number of things and only time will tell for sure which of the following best describes this blog spot:

   The musing of an old man.

   The wisdom of experience.

   The Idea’s of a well-worn wrinkled Bible.

   Thoughts written on paper that were discarded, that should have remained in the trash.

   Wit that has stood the test of time.

   Wrinkled Witness Protection Program – allowing those with wrinkles to vent (I don’t mean passing gas)! 

Feel free to express your opinion or suggest other possible idea’s.

The purpose for this blog is to use the humor of everyday experiences to get you (the reader) to explore Biblical principles. Playful parabolic pondering with a purpose are similar to what Jesus did in the story of the one who helps another remove the speck in his eye, while having a beam sticking out of his own. It’s the humor that makes the principal stick in our minds. Although the purpose is clearly stated, I may divert from the purpose from time to time. Some would call this “rebellion” but I look at it this way, it’s my blog!

So let the journey begin! JOIN ME! And let us go to the pismire! (Prov. 6:6)

What is a “pismire?” It is an old English word for ant. The stench of formic acid that ants secrete smells like urine. (Who puts their nose to an ant hill and smells?) When you combine the wet looking ground of an ant hill and the smell of urine you have the word “pismire.”

   So gentlemen, when your out hunting and trying to conceal your presence by keeping your scent down but your bladder is full and you really need to urinate, find the nearest ant hill and let it go! Ahh… such relief and you haven’t jeopardized your hunt!

  But here is the problem. While you’re trying to conceal your presence, the amount of time it takes to empty your bladder is longer than the amount of time it  takes for hundreds of ants to crawl up your expensive boots and start biting your ankles. This is not good! Dancing and peeing at the same time will get messy!

  In an attempt to conceal your presence, you have successfully manage to urinate all over your boots, pants and gloves. If the smell doesn’t alert the deer, your dancing around like a Sasquatch who just won the lottery will.

The point: Trying to conceal sin in our life is like urinating on an ant hill full of angry ants. It will get messy!

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3 Comments on “Consider The Pismire”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Please tell me you don’t know this from personal experience!

  2. bigbanjo Says:

    I have had ants bite my ankles! That’s all I need to say right now.

  3. Lynn Davis Says:

    Thank you for such words of wisdom!

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