My Dogs Theapist Thinks She’s a Cat!

Taylor is a white miniature Schnauzer. My wife says he is normal. We bought him from a seller who was sitting in the Wal-Mart parking lot. So I’m fairly certain he was made in China.

 I would never trade him for a newer model, but he has unresolved issues. He doesn’t like change and is afraid of anything new (typical Baptist). Recently Taylor discovered he is now afraid of walking out the door of our bedroom. For three years he has walk over this same spot without a problem, but now he is paralyzed! He tries to get passed this spot but he can’t do it. Fear is stronger than experience!

  We have carried him over the spot, moved furniture and even cleaned the floor in hopes of trying to figure out what it is holding him hostage. We put a towel down to cover the spot and that seemed to help, but was not the cure all we were hoping for.

  Finally, a breakthrough! Taylor loves beef jerky! Would his love for beef jerky overcome his new found fear? Success! By focusing on the treat in my hand he seemed to forget that he was afraid. Love conquers fear!

   He still has his setbacks, but he is making improvement.  Now we are working on his Sciaphobia (fear of shadows).

The Point: Fear is stronger than experience. I have been serving God for many years and still struggle with fear. You would think after years of experience that fear would not be a problem, but fear is always nearby ready to take control and hold me hostage. 

  The only way to conquer fear is with love, God’s love. Knowing that God loves me and will never leave me gives me the strength to overcome my fears. My love for God helps me focus on Him instead of focusing on my fears.

  If you find yourself being held hostage by fear, let God’s love fill you! May your love for God give you freedom from fear.

 “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.” I John 4:18

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One Comment on “My Dogs Theapist Thinks She’s a Cat!”

  1. webmastercorey Says:

    I like how you this doesn’t turn a blind side to fear but points out that fear is inevitable. We’re going to feel fear but instead of remaining in fear we now, by God’s love, have an option to overcome that fear. When our focus is on God, while the fear is still there, it is as though it were not because we do not stay frozen but we now move.

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